I watch as the fluffy dove’s wings spread out to take flight,

the dove is perched there elegantly,

as if it’s above all of the necessities of the world,

ready to get to its destination.


The dove jumps out into the open,

jumping into a real life full of wonders,

takes off,

and flies.


The sweet dove soars through the sky,

flapping its wings gracefully.


and down.


Gazing out into the horizon, streaked with brilliant colors of red and orange,

waiting for my own flight,

wanting my very own,

wanting to soar high up into the sky just like the bird.


How come a simple dove can do it and I can’t?

How come it can fly up into the sky,

without any care,

flying side by side with the perfectly sculpted clouds in the sunset sky?


I know why,

I know how,

I know when,

I know that I’m going to take my own flight.

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