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Sparks are quick, adaptable writing prompts and activities
Lessons are 1–2 session units focused on writing skill development and drafting
Projects are multisession units that dive deep into topic or theme
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Student Writing pieces are offered as representative mentor texts
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Educator Tools provide new strategies and best practices from 826
Videos feature Sparks and other writing activities from critically acclaimed authors and educators

I love the [826 Digital] lessons and prompts that incorporate SEL and use them to build relationships with my students.

Mallory M
Teacher at Allegan Public Schools, Allegan, MI
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The Beast with Ada Limón

Ada Limón
Grade Levels: 7-12
This poetry prompt from Ada Limón invites students to consider a personal connection to an animal.
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Narrative Writing

A Place Worth Being with Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds
Grade Levels: 6-12
Students will write a personal narrative where they describe themselves as a place. Not a specific place, but all the things a "place" consists of.
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Informational Writing

Me a Villain

Nicolien Buholzer, 826LA, Presented by Cartoon Network
Grade Levels: 1-3
Why does kindness count? In this lesson, students will consider acts of kindness they’ve experienced or witnessed and reflect on the difference that kindness makes in the world.
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Narrative WritingPoetry

Last Times with Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman
Grade Levels: 7-12
Students recall “last times” in their lives and revisit the depth of their experience through writing.
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Narrative Writing

Details (Golden), Character (Immortal), and Setting (Rural India)

Dave Eggers
Grade Levels: 7-9
Over a flexible series of activities, students will learn to draw details from real life to create unforgettable characters and compelling stories.
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