Our mission is to spark the power and joy of writing for a more just world.

We’re working towards a country in which writing education is accessible to every student in every classroom. That means creating more writing spaces, and empowering more writing teachers.

The Power and Potential of Youth
We believe in the power of young voices, the possibility in their ideas, and the value of their words.
The Transformative Power of Writing
Writing is a catalyst. It unlocks doors, builds confidence, and facilitates self-expression.
Commitment to Creativity and Learning
We nurture creative expression and foster a lifelong love of learning.
Strength of Community
We are exponentially stronger through collective engagement, which allows us to create, implement, and sustain responsive programs.
Equity as Mission, Vision, and Practice
We honor diversity, equity, and inclusion and work to ensure that everyone is respected, included, and heard.
Our Story

From the Mission District to the world

In 2002, 826 began as a Pirate Supply Store on Valencia Street in San Francisco, connecting community members with students to develop and amplify their voices. Over the years, we’ve grown to include nine official chapters and 826 Digital, and our model has inspired 70+ international organizations, and our staff and volunteers have helped more than 670,000 students strengthen their writing skills.

Strategic Plan

Working for access and equity

826 National is focused on four strategic priorities to transform writing education.

Organizational Values

We share the words of young writers with the world.

Organizational Values

We support educators with practical tools and curricula

Organizational Values

We promote writing as a tool for creativity and success

Organizational Values

We partner with community leaders, educators, and organizations who share our commitment to writing


Every student story is a success

Writing skills help students grow personally and professionally
Students are advocates for a better world
Writing fosters empathy and community
Creative students are innovators and problem solvers

Join the 826 National team

Our team is a diverse group of writers, jokesters, and problem-solvers that lead with curiosity, empathy, and respect. 826 has been voted one of the top 30 companies to work for by GOOD Magazine and our chapters are frequently recognized as the best places to volunteer by local media. Nearly 200 employees work across the entire 826 Network.

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