I am somebody special.

Limited edition.

Spontaneous. Beyond crazy.

I am a flower blooming in the


Bold and beautiful.

Dreams as big as mountains.

With my head turned to the

clouds I imagine myself free as the

summer’s breeze…

I imagine all my dreams

within my reach…

What do I see when I look in the

mirror? I see a girl who knows

What she wants and is comfortable


who she is. She’s not perfect.

But perfect at being me.

With a gap in her teeth she still

smiles bright.

With a fear of feeling she still gives

her all.

Nervous in front of crowds yet I


the attention.

What do I see? I see me.

– Endriva, Is It Tasty, Does It Go To Your Soul?

The Pizza Poetry Project is an annual celebration of National Poetry Month and the power of youth voice. On Pizza Poetry Day, hot pizza comes with a fresh poem by New Orleans youth ages 6-18. This collection of pizza poems commemorates five years of spreading youth-written poetry throughout New Orleans—through the unifying force of pizza.

Cover design by Ben Passmore

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