We’re excited to introduce Dennis Guardado as our new Finance & Development Coordinator!

Dennis is a San Francisco native and Bay Area sports fan who is always down to share a fun fact! As a history buff, he loves sharing stories and teaching people about the joys, wonder, and drama behind historical events. At 826 National, Dennis will be working closely and supporting with our Chief Development Officer, Amira Seaboch, and our Director of Finance and Operations, Abbey Hayward, with Salesforce and prospect research.

Get to know Dennis below!

What brings you to 826 National?

I love books! When I was a kid my mom only allowed me to stay up past my bedtime if I was reading a book. I developed a love for the worlds and histories inside these stories, and that has only grown as I’ve gotten older. I’ve always been a big believer in helping kids receive tools and opportunities they normally wouldn’t have access to. All kids deserve our help and fostering an environment for their success is precisely the mission of 826 National.

What is it about the 826 mission that resonates with you?

I personally experienced the advantages of engaging in a program like 826. In high school, I participated in a debate program created by the Bay Area Urban Debate League (BAUDL) where I acquired numerous skills that continue to benefit me today. I view 826 in a similar way and am excited to spread our mission and grow our organization.

What are you looking forward to building with the 826 National Team and 826 Network in the months ahead?

I’m looking forward to developing new skills and experiences that will help me become a better Development coordinator. I’m specifically excited at becoming proficient at Salesforce and the various tools used in prospect research. 

What was your favorite childhood book/author?

My favorite childhood books (I can’t choose one) are The Lord of Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Outside of my role, you should ask me about . . .

History, sports, or just general trivia

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