Banner that says "Love is the best ALIVE" in red text with roses around the edge

If you’re feeling a little tongue-tied this Valentine’s Day, let 826 students be your personal Cyrano de Bergerac with our Valentine’s Day cards!

We’ve created reusable valentine’s bookmarks for you to share and send to your loved ones! Each of the nine cards features the words of 826 students from all nine chapters and from 826 Digital. 

Download Valentine’s Day Cards from 826 National


  1. Download this year’s 826 Valentine’s Day cards here.
  2. Print the cards double-sided by selecting the print option “flip on short edge.”
  3. Cut out the heart shape on the dotted lines and fold in half.
  4. Write your name and the recipient’s name after “to” and “from.”
  5. Send to your friends and family!

Fold the valentines in half to use as a bookmark! Place them inside your favorite 826 book, and carry it wherever you go.

You can also send these digitally through our social media! We’ll be posting them on our Instagram and Facebook for you to tag your friends and family.

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