Once 1,000 years ago, a man named Steve buried a sprinkle. He thought the sprinkle would make a donut tree. Steve told his friends, but they didn’t believe him. Then, the ground shook and it worked! It worked. The donut tree worked. Steve had so many donuts. Steve made lots and lots and lots of donut trees for other people. Then Steve became rich. Steve invented a new thing called a cat donut. It was a cat made out of donuts. It did not spit hairballs. It spat out donuts. Steve decided to become a donut scientist. He made a donut planet called Donutmania. There were people made out of donuts, even houses and pets.

Steve is known as a Legend.

Chapter Two: Pregnant Donut

Steve had a wife. Steve’s wife’s name was Alice. Steve and Alice sitting in a donut tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Then Alice made a baby. It was a donut! The donut baby was crying sprinkles and the diaper was made out of bread. The baby grew, grew, and grew. It grew so old they had to put the donut in the fridge.

Then, cats from space came to Earth. The cats wanted one of Steve’s donut trees. Steve said, “Go to Donutmania. There are about 1,000,000 donut trees.” The cats went. They took 500,000 donut trees. The cats loved the donuts. The cats repaid Steve with diamonds and emeralds.

Chapter Three: Cat Poptart

A cat came from a rainbow. He was Neon Cat and he wanted a donut. Steve gave Neon Cat a donut and then he sang, “Space unicorn soaring through the stars, ohhh ohhh space unicorn soaring through the stores.”

The reason Steve created the donut tree was because people had no more donuts. He was a donut legend. He never gave up on creating things made out of donuts. Steve was so great at making donut planets, donut vehicles and donut cities. He was so great. Steve was not mean. He never was mean. He was nice. Then Steve noticed something. A planet with Pikachu’s face on it. Steve took the donut rocket to investigate. There were about 1,000,000 Pikachus. Steve took his friends.

Chapter Four: Electro Shock

If any of Steve’s friends stepped on a Pikachu tail, it would cause the planet to explode. So they stepped on a Pikachu and the planet blew up. It rained Pikachus. The Pikachus fused together and made a giant Pikachu.

Steve woke up. The giant Pikachu was fake. But then – there was a Pikachu on Steve’s bed. It was a dream again. But then — there was a new one on his bed. It was a dream again. How many dreams does this guy have!? Finally, Steve woke up and saw a Ditto. Steve kicked the Ditto in the face. Steve thought it was a dream, but it was not. The Ditto transformed into a Mega Aggron and Steve ended up in the hospital.

Chapter Five: Donut Magic

A donut doctor used his magical powers to heal Steve. It worked. Steve forgave the Ditto but it was a trick. The Ditto transformed into Mega Aggron. Neon Cat came to save Steve. Neon Cat farted a rainbow on Ditto’s face and Ditto turned into nothing. Neon Cat’s rainbow farts had the power to cancel Pokemon powers.

Then, aliens that hate donuts came. Steve started to fight. These were not friendly neighborhood donut haters. Steve was in trouble.

Chapter Six: Friends Collide

Steve had no choice but to call Neon Cat. Neon Cat farted his rainbows at the donut haters. The donuts smelled so good that the donut haters ran away. Neon Cat and Steve were best friends. They both went to find more donut trees on an adventure that they will never forget.

Chapter Seven: The Adventure

Steve and Neon Cat were walking when Steve fell in a hole and found a golden portal. He went into the portal. The portal teleported him into a hall of portals. Steve and Neon Cat were lost. They went into the diamond portal first. They were taken into a video game portal. The game was called “Donut Story” mode. Then they saw a portal.

Chapter Eight: A Journey’s End?

They went through the portal, but they were still not home. They appeared at the hall of portals. Neon Cat saw a sign that said, “Museum of Portals.” They broke the glass and they were free.

But then they saw a monster that was bigger than the Earth.

To be continued…

— Edwin, Grade 4, Sitting in a Donut Tree

Have you ever wondered how mountains were formed? How stars got into the night sky? What the world looks like from the point of view of a coyote? Have you been dreaming about solutions to water pollution? Our After-School Tutoring students in Echo Park have answers to those questions in our newest publication, Sitting in a Donut Tree. Throughout the winter, our students learned about challenges to the natural and built environment, creation stories about the Earth from indigenous communities, and learned about the biodiversity of the desert ecosystems. 

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