826 Chapters

Our chapters provide students from under-resourced communities access to high-quality, engaging, and free writing, tutoring, and publishing programs. The goal: provide students with the skills to succeed and inspiring, creative spaces to shine. Their playful storefronts remove the stigma associated with tutoring; provide a gateway for meeting families, teachers, and volunteers; and generate modest earned income to support our free programs.

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Serves San Francisco Unified School District

Neighborhoods Mission District & Tenderloin

Satellites Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8, Everett Middle School, & Mission High School

Storefronts The Pirate Supply Store, King Carl’s Emporium, & Woodland Creature Outfitters, Ltd

The Pirate Supply Store and King Carl’s Emporium are the Bay Area’s top outposts for all your nautical needs. For landlubbers, they also offer a range of publications written by the students of 826 Valencia.

For Sale: Hooks, flags, message bottles, rat traps, peg legs, pirate perfume, wax seals, dice, and lard (for bartering, not sale).

Serves New York City Public Schools

Neighborhoods East Harlem, Park Slope, & Williamsburg

Satellites Brooklyn Public Library, Willamsburg Branch & MS 7/Global Tech Prep

Storefront Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

The 826NYC Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. sells capes, grappling hooks, antimatter, and more. All the proceeds from the store go directly to 826NYC. The store also gives passersby a reason to walk in and see what’s going on in the writing center.

For Sale: Capes, masks, grappling hooks​,​ muscles, antimatter, secret identity kits​,​ suction cups.

Serves Los Angeles Unified School District

Neighborhoods Echo Park & Mar Vista

Satellite Manual Arts Senior High School

Storefronts The Echo Park Time Travel Mart & The Mar Vista Time Travel Mart

826LA is home to The Time Travel Mart, with locations in Echo Park and Mar Vista. A leader in convenience retailing, both locations sell everything you need for any kind of trip through the fourth dimension. Stock up on plenty of time-machine fuel, mastodon meat, viking odorant, and robot parts, because once you’re too far inside the wormhole it will be a real bummer to have to swing back.

For Sale: Dinosaur eggs, robot milk, dodo chow, duel starter kits, time-machine parts, and sometimes coffee.

Serves Chicago Public School District

Neighborhood Wicker Park

Storefront Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co.

The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co. has a not-so-secret mission. Every purchase supports 826CHI’s free writing programs, which provide thousands of Chicago students with a platform for self-expression. Our products are intended to unlock creativity and trigger new adventures for agents of all ages.

For Sale: Spy glasses, diversion safes, fake moustaches, emergency bowties, invisible ink pens, magnifying glasses, and much more.

Serves Ann Arbor Public Schools, Detroit Public Schools Community District, & Ypsilanti Community School District

Neighborhoods Ann Arbor, Detroit, & Ypsilanti

Satellites beezy’s cafe, Detroit Public Library, & Ypsilanti District Library

Storefronts Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair Shop & The Detroit Robot Factory

826michigan has two stores serving the robotic needs of the Great Lakes State: the Detroit Robot Factory in Eastern Market in Detroit and Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair in downtown Ann Arbor. Both stores feature products for robots, humans, and robots disguised as humans.

For Sale: Positronic Brains, Emotion Upgrades, Robo-scout Survival Gear, robot kits, cords, connectors, and books of student writing.

Serves Boston Public & Greater Boston Area School Districts

Neighborhoods Egleston Square, Roxbury

Satellites Boston Public Library, Jeremiah E. Burke High School, & John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics & Science

Storefront The Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute

The 826 Boston Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute has all the necessities for your Bigfoot, Research, and Institute needs! Visit today before you end up in a hairy situation.

For Sale: Cyptozoologist’s Career Starter Kit, Jungle Hygiene Kit, unofficial Yeti Hairball, Baby Giant Centipedes, and Sea Serpent Secretions.

Serves D.C. Public Schools & D.C. Public Charter Schools

Neighborhood Columbia Heights

Storefront Tivoli’s Astounding Magic Supply Co.

In its brand new location, 826DC is proud to introduce Tivoli’s Astounding Magic Supply Company. The District’s only illusionarium and de-lux haberdashery now stocks everything a budding magician needs to embark on their own path to mastery, from Stage Fright Antidote to Micro Escapes (for starting a career in escapology). Every purchase makes real magic happen—in the writing center beyond the secret door.

For Sale: Capes, white gloves, pizzazz, and juggling balls

SERVES New Orleans Public School System, Louisiana Recovery
School District

NEIGHBORHOODS 7th Ward, Upper Ninth Ward

SATELLITES Sylvanie Williams College Prep Elementary

STOREFRONTS The New Orleans Haunting Supply Co.


The New Orleans Haunting Supply Co. supplies the ghostly denizens of the Crescent City with souls, human disguises, shirts, and other goods and services for the non-corporeal.

For Sale: Haunting Grade Slime, Messages from the Crypt, Unfinished Business Stationary, Boo in a Can, Corporeal Dust, Temporary Living Solution, Flicker Lightbulbs.

Serves Minneapolis Public Schools, St. Paul Public Schools

Neighborhoods Seward

Satellites Writers’ Room at South High School in Minneapolis

Storefronts Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute

Located in the landlocked Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute is the premier portal for midwest oceanographic studies. Here, you can spend your (sand)dollars on goods to help you search for the lost ocean of Minnesota, and hats, shirts, and books published by our very own young authors.

For Sale: Poems in a Bottle, Cuttlefish Gear, Anglerfish Apparel and MOI-themed Winter Hats.

Our chapters’ programs are steeped in two simple ideas: that every student has the potential to succeed with the right opportunities and support; and that celebrating creativity is key to engaging and assisting youth. Through these free and engaging writing programs, we aim to help students become proficient writers and confident thinkers.


Neighborhood students receive free, individualized homework help four to five days a week in all subject areas. 826’s after-school tutoring program is designed to inspire learning, foster creativity, and help students understand and complete their homework each day. We accomplish this by giving youth — particularly low-income youth — access to invaluable academic assistance.


Entire public school classes journey to our writing centers for two hours of interactive, high-energy writing. In our signature Storytelling and Bookmaking program, for example, students compose an original story as a group — crafting plot points and characters — and then individually write their own unique endings. They return home with personalized books and a deepened understanding of storytelling, bookmaking, and collaboration.


We dispatch teams of trained volunteers to local, high-needs public schools to support teachers and students. We provide individualized assistance as they tackle various writing projects — including school newspapers, college entrance essays, oral histories, and more.


Our free workshops encourage students to explore their creativity and strengthen their writing skills. Topics range from academic essentials like SAT-prep and college-entrance essays, to more imaginative forms of writing like fiction, cartooning, and bookmaking. Workshops are project-based and taught by experienced, accomplished professionals.


The Young Authors’ Book Project (YABP) partners local schools with professional writers and editors. Students spend three to four months writing about a particular theme and collaborate with volunteers throughout the editing and publishing process. Once the project is complete, students, volunteers, and families celebrate with a book release party in which students read excerpts from their work.

826-inspired organizations interested in joining the 826 National network may apply to join our Chapter Development Process. Further information on applying to this process and developing the model is available on our chapter application page.

Organizations in Chapter Development

Founded 2013

City Oakland, CA

Storefront The Department of Make Believe