Meet 826 National’s New Chief Development Officer, Amira Seaboch

June 2, 2023

We’re excited to introduce our new Chief Development Officer, Amira Seaboch.

A lifelong writer (she keeps a mug that says “writer” on her desk), Amira has over 20 years of experience in fundraising and philanthropic development and has worked in organizations like the Y and the American Red Cross. She is passionate about connecting people and organizations that make meaningful changes within communities and people’s lives. At 826 National, she will be leading the charge in our fundraising and help bring 826 into more places.

Get to know Amira below!

1. What brings you to 826 National?

I have a visceral relationship to the power of writing having once used it to navigate some of the most turbulent times in my adolescence. I’ve come to 826 National because we are uniquely positioned to empower, embolden, and bolster young people and improve the trajectory of young lives by using writing as the vehicle that helps them recognize their voice and its value.


2. What is it about the 826 mission that resonates with you?’

What resonates with me about the mission of 826 is that it is inherently about equity and using writing to provide access to enclaves of success that have traditionally been denied to young people in under resourced communities.


3. What are you looking forward to building with the 826 National Team and 826 Network in the months ahead?

“I want to take any fear and apprehension out of the concept of fundraising and build a culture that shamelessly seeks the support that our students and youth writers need and deserve. 826 National is truly changing the trajectory of young people by giving them access to writing and the people and tools that ultimately improve their life experiences across a broad spectrum. This is a story worthy of being told!”


4. What was your favorite childhood book/author?

Charlotte’s Web was the first book I was able to read in tandem with my dad and so by default that is my favorite book.


5. Outside of my role, you should ask me about . . .

All things sports, my enchilada recipe, and my kids!


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