Celebrating National Library Week

April 12, 2019

For students, libraries are symphonies halls, airports, magical kingdoms, labyrinths, and laboratories. For students, libraries are safe spaces. And in celebration of National Library Week, we are sharing how some of our chapters are partnering with their local libraries! We hope you enjoy learning about the numerous creative ways our chapters and students are getting involved in their literary communities.

Read on to explore below! 


826 Boston’s After-School Tutoring program works with their local library branch to host visits from the Bookmobile two to three times per year. The local library also created a book display of 826 Boston’s student publications to help publicize them!

The library also helps spread the word about 826 Boston’s Young Authors’ Book Projects.


826michigan hosts two days of drop-in tutoring a week at the Ypsilanti District Library. And they partner with library staff to recruit students and register families. During tutoring, students browse the library and pick out books after they finish their homework, or as a part of their homework. The Ann Arbor District Library funds field trip transportation costs for 12+ field trips a year for Ann Arbor Public School classes to come to 826michigan and then the Library in a joint program, where students write with them in a given genre and then explore books and other media in that genre on a library tour.

Libraries across Michigan and Ann Arbor also donate old media to use for 826michigan’s collage and zine workshops. Library staff come to After-School Tutoring to present about library-sponsored writing contests and resources.

As well as hold book release parties at the Ypsilanti District Library, 826michigan works with librarians to come up with a bibliography of titles of reading materials for each field trip and send this list to teachers in advance of the program.


826CHI hosts off-site workshops in Chicago Public Libraries. They also work in partnership with YouMedia to support the annual ChiTeen Lit Fest. The Annual ChiTeen Lit Fest connects students with librarians to collaborate on and create workshops around different libraries’ special collections.

Copies of 826CHI’s Young Authors’ Book Project publications are available in all Chicago Public Library branches.

826 New Orleans

The Community Collections Workshop that 826 New Orleans offers in schools are also available for public libraries. Librarians reach out to 826 New Orleans to schedule just as teachers would!

Currently, several 826 New Orleans publications are in circulation at the main library.


826NYC has a satellite location in the Williamsburg Library!

826 Valencia

Before the opening of 826 Valencia’s new Mission Bay Center, staff led a writing workshop with students enrolled in the library’s after-school program.

Thank you to all librarians and community members that work to keep these beautiful spaces open.

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