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As schools close down across the country and social distancing transforms our daily routines, we want to remind you that writing is not just a part of school. Writing can help us process the difficult times we’re going through, connect us with friends while we spend time apart, and challenge us to use our imaginations to create new and better worlds. This is why now, more than ever, it’s #agoodtimetowrite. Check out some ways to get writing here:

Writing Submissions

826 amplifies youth voice. Share your writing from 826 Digital lessons here and you might see it published in the 826 Digital Writing Gallery, on #agoodtimetowrite social media, or shared on our YouTube channel by one of your favorite celebrities. (For students 13 or above, with parent or guardian consent.)

826 Digital Writing Gallery

Get inspired by student writing! From stories about aliens bestowing super basketball powers to memoirs by student activists, the Writing Gallery features over 200 pieces by student authors across the country. No registration required. Come on in!

#agoodtimetowrite YouTube Channel

Connect with fellow writers and familiar faces as they explore the power of writing. Some of 826’s friends and young writers are sharing their writing, going on poetry scavenger hunts, generating new creative writing prompts, and more.

Remote Learning Kits (Elementary and Secondary)

These packets, sorted conveniently into elementary and secondary handouts, provide some structure to begin writing, without having to first conquer the monstrously intimidating ~blank page~.

Write Here, Write Now

Think of these writing activities as a trip to an art museum and library combined, as meeting new friends and taking a cross-country adventure. Read pieces from the 826 Digital Writing Gallery and turn their words into your inspiration, building on your peers’ writing to envision your own unique worlds. 

Create a free 826 Digital account to see the full lessons and stay in the loop on new materials being released all the time!

More Reasons Why It’s

Communities around the world are responding to this crisis with new and exciting ways to write. Here are some other resources for students that show that it’s a good time to write. Use #agoodtimetowrite to join the movement, and we’ll keep updating this space.