Entry Fee 

  • $0 or FREE
  • International submissions are no additional cost.



  • Age and Grade: We are accepting submissions from all students currently in grades 1-12 or ages 6-18. For students under the age of 13, we must receive a permission form.
  • Language: We welcome readings/performances in any language, but we ask that you provide your own written translation. We will include the English translation and/or English subtitles on videos featuring readings in another language.
  • Previous Publication: Content or video clips that have been previously published elsewhere are eligible, with the understanding that any selected video may need to be taken down from other locations on the internet.


Submission Guidelines

  • What to submit: Share poems, essays, or short stories with us!
  • Where to submit: Videos are submitted via our SUBMISSION FORM
  • Video Length: Videos must be a minimum of 1 minute and up to 4 minutes in length. No less. No more (exactly 4 mins is max).
  • Originality: Your work must be original. 
  • File Size: File size may not exceed 1GB.
  • Submission Format: The most common video file-types are accepted (mp4, mov, etc.). Check our SUBMISSION FORM to confirm that your video format is accepted.
  • Rights: You MUST own the complete, transferable rights to ALL elements of your submission. This includes but is not limited to text, audio, video, and images.
  • Video Quantity: Only one video per submission. Multiple submissions are welcome, but must be submitted  separately.
  • Please note that submissions which do not meet these rules may be disqualified.