Celebrating Young Writers Across the Country

May 31, 2023

We are excited to announce the finalists for our first-ever 826 Digital Writers’ Showcase!

The 826 Digital Writers’ Showcase invited students from across the country, ages 6-18, to submit a video featuring their original writing in any genre. At 826, we aim to amplify student stories, poems, and perspectives not just through print, but across any platform. Here, we do so through video — a medium that many students embrace every single day.

Our ten finalists, hailing from coast to coast, were selected based on the content, creativity, and delivery of their piece. Watch the videos below, and you’ll find the creativity and confidence of these students shining through, whether in poems about pumpkin pie or persuasive pieces that examine inflation. Together, their work represents a wide and wonderful range of writing from the next generation of young authors:

  • “Birds in Flight” by Iman Abudllah, Grade 2, 826NYC – Poetry
  • “Day & Night” by Eloise Combs, Grade 3, Michigan – Poetry
  • “Untitled” by Raiya Chhabra, Grade 5, Virginia – Poetry
  • “Untitled” by Milo Wu, Grade 2, California – Poetry
  • “Paper Dolls” by Soeun Lee, Grade 8 – Poetry
  • “Pumpkin Pie!!!” by Naomi Ku, Grade 6, 826LA – Poetry
  • “The Egg Dozen Dilemma” by Kaiden Griggs, Grade 6 – Essay
  • “1947” by Prianna Kumar Singhania, Grade 8 – Essay
  • “Honey Bee” by Isaac Reynolds, Grade 6 – Fiction
  • “If I Were a Poet” by Alistar Bedell, Grade 11 – Poetry

Congratulations to the following students whose videos received Honorable Mention:

  • Marium Abdullah, Elementary Student
  • Liam Cheng, High School Student, 826NYC
  • Noah Doyle Hodge & Daniel Doyle Throgmartin, Elementary Student
  • Sky Jenkins, Elementary Student
  • Nayeli Karunasekara, Middle Student
  • Nayoon Lee, Elementary Student
  • Gwen Libertucci, Middle Student
  • Leo Martinez, Elementary Student, 826LA
  • Mila Taggert, High School Student
  • Marian Wenzel, Elementary Student

Thank you to all students who submitted video entries, as well as the educators and family members who supported their writing from the start. We’re honored to publish and share your words with everyone!

Explore more student writing on 826 Digital’s Writing Gallery at 826digital.com/writing-gallery.


“Birds in Flight”

by Iman Abudllah, Grade 2, New York

IMAN ABUDULLAH is a seven-year-old who attends PS 39 in Brooklyn, New York. She loves to read, write nonfiction, and spend time with her family and friends.


“Day & Night”

by Eloise Combs, Grade 3, Michigan

My name is Eloise Combs, and I like cats.



by Raiya Chhabra, Grade 5, Virginia

RAIYA CHHABRA lives in Northern Virginia. She goes to Nysmith School and is in 5th grade. She likes writing (short stories, poems, etc.) and digital stuff (drawing, games, editing videos, animations). She enjoys playing with her brother and friends. Raiya plays the piano. She is 11 years old.



by Milo Wu, Grade 2, California

When MILO WU is not writing, he is either drawing, playing basketball or soccer. His favorite food is butter pasta vermicelli. His favorite things to draw are plants, shoes, and animals. His least favorite foods are squash, zucchini, and eggplant.



“Paper Dolls”

by Soeun Lee, Grade 8

Soeun Lee​ spends most of her time writing but when she isn’t, you can find her reading with newly released books from the library or designing paper dolls. She hopes that her poem expresses the idea that it’s okay to feel alone because there are times that one fails. That doesn’t mean that you should give up. Soeun believes that everyone should rise from the ground and try even harder as the cycle repeats itself, over and over. 


“Pumpkin Pie!!!”

by Naomi Ku, Grade 6, California

NAOMI KU lives in Downtown LA in an apartment. When she’s not at 826LA, she’s usually at her middle school called Thomas Starr King. On the weekends, she walks across her street to an urban community garden. Some of her hobbies include playing video games with friends and family and reading! She hopes her poem inspires people to think about their favorite desserts and helps them imagine the image in their heads using all their senses.


“The Egg Dozen Dilemma”

by Kaiden Griggs, Grade 6

KAIDEN GRIGGS has nimble fingers, which he uses to cautiously craft works of writing. He also uses his fingers to play the piano, an instrument he is quite seasoned in. He hopes that his works of art can open people’s eyes to the truth about the fragile food market we participate in.



by Prianna Kumar Singhania, Grade 8

Prianna Kumar Singhania​ has been pursuing creative writing for many years now with a strong interest in poetry and is currently writing her first novel. Outside of writing she enjoys competing in Science Olympiad and playing basketball and volleyball. She would like to thank her family, especially her sister, Anya for always encouraging her. Love you, Anya!

Honey Bee

by Isaac Reynolds, Grade 6

When Isaac Reynolds​ he isn’t writing, Isaac enjoys jamming on his electric guitar or beating on the drums. He’s also active in soccer and enjoys running races. He values seeing the world through the eyes of others and hopes his stories inspire a new generation towards peace.



“If I Were a Poet”

by Alistar Bedell, Grade 11

Alistar Bedell is someone who is always looking for the art inside of things. They almost always have an earbud in for music just to give life a bit more beauty. They’ve written and performed songs and always enjoy sharing their own personal writing with others. They truly believe that if the world had a little more creative expression in it, then the world could be so much better and life could be easier and we as people could connect better.

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